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Geo-Sluice Mining

Bucket Sluice Concentrator

Bucket Sluice Concentrator

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The Bucket Sluice Concentrator (Purchase accessories separately.)

WOW!  We’ve finally made it right. We’ve stepped it up to bring you a version made of the same ABS that is used on our larger sluices. We also put the texture on the inside of the box to assist you in breaking up the Gold away from the other materials.

This is available in 4 Colors.

*  Green * Black * Blue * Pink

You will receive the standard water hose connector along with an attachable nozzle for 1 1/8 inch hose and that should fit your favorite water pump. You will need to purchase a regulator if you want to change the water speed. We do recommend a minimum 500 gph pump so that the water can be ran at a minimum.   Hose, Pump, Water Adjuster and Bucket are not included.

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