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California "Mini" Backpack sluice

California "Mini" Backpack sluice

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We finally produced the "Mini" California River Sluice as our newest creation that will forever change sluicing. This is small enough to be placed into a backpack. This comes in both green and blue. As you can see, you will receive the River Version with the metal bars. However, notice that the leading edge, Called "The Siphon Flare "TM" has an angled lip that blocks the water going under the sluice and forces it to the top. In a river, water on the underside moves faster than surface water. In a stream with low water flow, this might be the only sluice working the river. Very easy to set in place because the diverted water flow forces the water to the top forcing the sluice to almost stick to the rocks. we are showing the video for the larger version but it works the same way.



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