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gold cube

3 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube Deluxe

3 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube Deluxe

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When deciding which Gold Cube (3 stack deluxe or 4 stack) there just a couple of factors to consider; one may be the price, another may be the size footprint and the other is the type of gold you may encounter. As many gold prospectors with the typical sluice box have witnessed, very flat gold (glitter gold) has a tendency to drift or sail over riffles. This is because the shape lends itself well to slight current manipulation and water surface tension which allows gold to literally float.

The Gold Cube has a built in design to eliminate surface tension called the “G-Force Separator” which forces everything underwater and under a gate, breaking surface tension and forcing the heavier gold to the bottom of an axial trough. This force is gravity and hydraulic  pressure making it impossible for the gold to float or sail.  Simply put: imagine you have a flat washer and a steel bearing, both weighing the same and dropped into into a swimming pool at the same time, which makes it to the bottom first?  The flatter the gold is, the more time it takes to settle.   Many placer areas close to the source have gold that is chunky, round and not flat. 

If you plan to limit you mining to this type of area then a 3 Stack may be your machine. You can always add a tray later if decide to go to the beach for find a tailings pile with super fine gold. Although location is not the only factor to be aware of we’ve found that there are areas where typically the gold is very flat however keep in mind. it’s all about the shape of the gold, not where it is located. The beauty of the Gold Cube is that you can always add a tray, trommel or a Gold Banker when it becomes necessary.

What a 3 Stack Deluxe come with:

• 1 Water Tray, 2 Vortex Trays

• Custom adjustable stand (Zinc plated)

• 1100 GPH 12 volt pump, hose and fitting

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