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Geo-Sluice Mining

Bucket Sluice Concentrator- Kit

Bucket Sluice Concentrator- Kit

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This is the full package! It features the Green, Blue, Black or Pink Bucket Sluice Concentrator, and a 500 GPH Pump, 3 Ft of Pump Hose, Water Valve, Hose Fitting, and Bungees for mounting to a bucket. It does not include the Bucket or a Battery.  

This is best run on a recirculating system. We suggest a concrete mixing tub at the bottom, with the bucket set in it. You will need to drill a hole in the side of your bucket, about half way down to allow water to pour out into the tub. This system will allow your tailings to be caught and settle out.  Your pump will have cleaner water to re-use  

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