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Doc’s Essential Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector Rod Kit, and Accessories

Doc’s Essential Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector Rod Kit, and Accessories

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Doc’s Essential Rod Kit and Accessories for Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector

Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector NOT Included

Doc’s Essential Adjustable Rod Kit and Accessories for Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Manufactured and Distributed by Doc’s Detecting Supply Henderson, Nevada

No one can dispute what an amazing detector the new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is.  However, there are some design considerations that the average gold prospector may find frustrating.

Included standard with the Gold Monster 1000 is a three piece screw together rod that is non adjustable.  These three pieces form one rod set and in order to change coils, you have to remove one coil from the end of the rod and attach the other coil.

This Minelab standard three section screw together rod can be nice for travel.  However, in actual use, these three rods have a tendency to want to become unscrewed.  (I recommend putting a piece of electrical tape around each screw together joint to prevent them from becoming unscrewed.)

There are no tie wraps included to secure the coil cord to the rod, this can cause the detector to false when the loose wire bumps a bush.

The Minelab provided plastic scoop is angular in design, and can actually get rocks caught where the scoop is molded to the handle.  It is essential to have a nice rounded bowl type scoop that can work like a mini-gold pan to isolate those little nuggets.


Included with Doc’s Essential Rod Kit and Accessories are:

• One (1) high quality light weight real carbon fiber upper with 7 adjustment holes so you can find the exact length to suit you. No more rods coming unscrewed from itself.  Overall length 34 inches.

• Two (2) 28 inch lower fiberglass rods, one for each of the 2 coils  that come standard from Minelab with your Gold Monster 1000 (detector not included).  No more unscrewing the coil.  Simply switch the rods with your coil already attached.

• 4 real VELCRO® brand tie wraps, 2 for each rod to make sure your coil cable is securely attached

• 1 Heavy Duty high quality Treasure Scoop.

*We use authentic Gorilla Glue® brand glue in assembling our upper rods and lower rods.  Gorilla Glue expands as it dries.  Accordingly you may find some excess dried glue on the rods.  This is perfectly normal and does not effect the functionality of these high quality products.  The excess glue will wear off with use.

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