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Doc's Detector Supply

Doc’s Nugget Stalker®Gold Pick

Doc’s Nugget Stalker®Gold Pick

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Designed by Doc.  Made with sturdy forged metal. The wide blade with curved edges moves dirt quickly and efficiently.  The wide blade is sharp, it will cut through bushes and brush with ease.  Comes with a 1 inch X 1/2 inch approx. Super Magnet.  The magnet is screwed to the top and can be removed.

The handle is 24 inches long.  The width of the wide blade is 5.5 inches, and from the point to the edge of the wide blade is 11 inches.  The handle is made of Ash and has a little larger area at the end of the handle for a better grip.

If you order the Nugget Stalker pick with a magnet, the magnet will be mounted with a screw on the top of the blade between the point and the wide blade.  Or you can request we send the magnet loose so you can decide where to mount it.

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