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Falcon MD20 Metal Detector

Falcon MD20 Metal Detector

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Able to detect gold so small its barely visible to the naked eye. The MD20 is designed with a water proof probe on a 5 foot cable.  Can be used with optional three piece handle to get into tight places. Includes (2) 9v batteries

Want to locate the highest value dirt at your site?

The best way to know if you are where the best gold is, is to SAMPLE the dirt.  Do it right at the site without having to have water WITH THE MD20.  Simply put your sample in a plastic pan,  shake it a little as though you were panning it, then run the MD20 probe under the bottom of the pan where you would expect the gold to be.   Only the thickness of the bottom of the pan separates those tiny pieces from the tip of the probe.  No sound?  try another sample.  Only a few hits? get the next sample to the left or right of the last sample.   Keep sampling to find the best gold.  It’s FAST, FUN, and EASY with the FALCON MD20.      NOTHING HUNTS LIKE A FALCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accessories include Handle, Holster, and headphones

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