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Garrett All Terrain Dig Pouch

Garrett All Terrain Dig Pouch

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Ideal treasure pouch for both water and land hunting!

  • Rugged recovery bag with mesh drain screens for water hunting.
  • Screens also automatically sift dirt from your finds while land hunting.
  • Includes Pro-Pointer holster and interior carabiner to secure found rings.
  • Small outer pocket for best finds and two large zippered pockets to separate trash from treasure.
  • Adjustable belt fits all sizes up to 66 inches, ensuring comfortable wear.

Metal Detecting Pouch

The Garrett All-Terrain Dig Pouch is a must-have accessory for every metal detector enthusiast. It merges functionality and durability for land and water hunts. This dig pouch enhances your treasure-hunting experience, offering a seamless way to carry and sort your finds while on the go. Whether combing the beach, searching through the water, or exploring other environments, this metal-detecting pouch is the perfect option for storing and protecting the treasures you collect.

Important Features

  • Mesh Drain Screen: Integrated into the design for water hunting, these screens allow water to drain out while securely holding your finds. They also work as sifters when land hunting by automatically separating dirt from your treasures.
  • Rugged Design: Built from sturdy canvas, this dig pouch withstands the rigors of land and water hunting and ensures durability for a lifetime.
  • Ease of Use: Its simple design gives users quick access to digging tools and treasures, and it features durable belt loops and lanyard D rings for attaching additional gear. The AT Dig Pouch also includes a Pro-Pointer holster and a small outer pocket for your best finds.
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