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Idaho Gold and Gems

Idaho Gold and Gems

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This collection of maps is designed for the weekend prospector, rock hound and outdoor enthusiast interested in the “Gem State”.  Idaho has enjoyed this descriptive nickname since territorial days.  The word “Idaho” was supposedly derived from the Indian word E-Dah-Hoe meaning Gem of the Mountains or Light on the Mountains.  From A for agate to Z for zoisite, over 240 different minerals have been identified in the state of Idaho.   Obviously, it would be a difficult task to attempt to research and list each location in this map collection, therefore, only 69 of the more commonly popular types of gems and locations have been included such as agate, amethyst, azurite, chalcedony, diamond, feldspar, fossil, garnet, jade, jasper, mica, obsidian, opal, petrified wood, quartz, ruby, sapphire, smoky quartz, sun stones, thunder eggs, topaz, zircon — to name a few!  Gold deposits have been found in fissures, veins, replacement deposits and placers; the majority of gold produced in Idaho has been mined from placer claims.  Veins and replacement deposits should be considered important as a possible future source.  Placer deposits have been rich in the Boise Basin, Yankee Fork, French Creek and Florence districts.


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