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Pill holder keychain with plastic vial

Pill holder keychain with plastic vial

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Aluminum ID holders with a removable plastic vial and key ring, offering a convenient solution for carrying small items (gold nuggets) securely. The aluminum capsule is rugged and compact, making it perfect for attaching to your keys or storing in your pocket or bag. Each capsule includes a plastic vial for an extra layer of protection and waterproofing, ensuring your items stay safe and dry. The plastic vial is removable for easy access to its contents. Ideal for storing emergency cash, medication, gold nuggets or other small essentials while on the go.

  • Dimensions:
    • Length of Capsule: 26mm
    • Mouth Diameter: 7.5mm
    • Length of Plastic Vial: 1 inch
    • Diameter of Plastic Vial: 5/16 inch
  • Material: Aluminum Capsule
  • Additional Features:
    • Includes Waterproof Plastic Vial
    • Removable Plastic Vial for added convenience
    • Keyring attached for easy carrying
  • Assorted Colors: Various colors available
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