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Pocket Electronic Scale, Capacity: 500grams x 0.01grams,

Pocket Electronic Scale, Capacity: 500grams x 0.01grams,

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5-unit digital pocket scale measures in 5 different units of measure including grams, ounces, tola, Carat, and grains. The 5-unit pocket scale is lightweight, compact, with automatic calibration, and automatic shutdown. Great for a jeweler, laboratory, or use at home using the multiple weighing unit capabilities that make it applicable in various fields. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). units/max capacities/counting function - grams (g)/0.0, 500g - ounces (oz)/0.000, 17oz, 25pcs - tola (tl)/0.00, 40Tl, 50pcs - Carat (CT)/0.0, 2500ct, 75pcs - grain (GN)/0, 7716GN, 100pcs

how to use:

1) place the scale on a horizontal flat surface, Press the (on/off) key to turn on the scale. 2) wait until "0.0" is displayed. 3) put the objects) on the weighing platform. 4) using the (units) key, you can switch between the weighing units. 5) using the (light) key, you can turn on or off the backlight. Warning: never load the scale with more than the maximum capacity. Overloading can permanently damage it! avoid any exposure to extreme heat or cold, your scale works better when operated at normal room temperature

• Max. Capacity: 500g
• Units/ Resolution:
  - Grams (g) / 0.00
  - Ounces (oz) / 0.0000
  -  Tola  (tl) / 0.000
  - Carat (ct) / 0.00
  - Grain (gn) / 0.0
• Plate Base Size: 2-7/32" x 2"
• Counting Function
   - Bundles of 25, 50, 75, and 100 Pieces
• Auto Calibration
• 60sec. Automatic Shutdown
• Requires 2AA Batteries ( Batteries Not Included)

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