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Red Devil Shovel

Red Devil Shovel

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Unleash Your Digging Potential with the Red Devil Relic Shovel

Dig Deeper, Find More

The Red Devil Relic Shovel is your ultimate tool for taking your detecting game to the next level. With its lightweight yet durable design, this shovel is perfect for planting perennials, cultivating vegetable gardens, and tackling challenging soil conditions. Get ready to dig deeper and achieve gardening greatness with the Red Devil RelicShovel.

Perfect Plugs Every Time

Say goodbye to messy and uneven holes. The Red Devil Relic Shovel Shovel's specially designed blade cuts a perfect plug with every scoop. With three simple cuts, you can create a 6" wide and 7" deep cube, ensuring optimal space for your plants to thrive. Experience the satisfaction of precise and efficient planting.

Tackle Challenging Conditions

Roots, clay, rocks—no challenge is too tough for the Red Devil Relic Shovel. Its medium-duty construction and twin serrated edges make light work of even the most stubborn soil types. Dig through the toughest earth with ease, knowing that your Red Garden Shovel has got your back.

The Power of Efficiency and Durability

Built to Last, Made to Perform

The Red Devil Relic Shovel combines efficiency and durability, making it a reliable companion for all your digging endeavors. Discover the features that set this shovel apart and experience the joy of effortless digging and lasting performance.

Wide Blade, Easy Digging

The Red Devil Relic Shovel's wide blade ensures effortless digging, allowing you to extract larger plugs without damaging your precious finds. Its design strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and care, making your gardening tasks a breeze. Get more done with fewer strains and enjoy the pleasure of smooth and efficient digging.

Extended Length, Comfortable Handling

No more backaches from stooping down. The Red Devil Relic Shovel's extended length of 36" means you can maintain an upright posture while digging. Experience the comfort of a longer handle, providing leverage and reducing strain on your body. Spend more time enjoying detecting and less time nursing sore muscles.

Convenience and Value in Every Shovel

The Perfect Detecting Companion

The Red Devil Relic Shovel not only delivers exceptional performance, but it also offers added conveniences and value that elevate your detecting experience. Explore the features that make this shovel a must-have for every metal detecting enthusiast.

Free Sheath for Shipping and Storage

We value your satisfaction and want to ensure your Red Devil Relic Shovel stays protected during shipping and when not in use. That's why each shovel comes with a free sheath, providing a secure and convenient storage solution. Keep your shovel in top condition and within easy reach whenever you need it.

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