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Spin It Off 12 inch

Spin It Off 12 inch

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Spin it Off Magnetic Sand Separator

Spin-it-Off is the ultimate tool for quickly separating black sand from concentrates. Unlike other magnetic methods, the Spin-It-Off uses a patented system to help gold fall from magnetite. Most other magnets on the market will capture black sand, but will also capture gold that is surrounded by magnetite. 

Spin-It-Off is simply the fastest and easiest way to pull black sand from your concentrates before processing a final clean up.

  • Need to have 3/8" drill that is not included
  • Picks up black sand without picking up gold if you do not overload it
  • It is used to separate the magnetite from your concentrates
  • The magnet is attached to any 3/8" power drill (not included) to speed up the separation of black sand from gold
  • Spin It Off Black Sand Magnetic Separator is the newest cool tool at an affordable price in the gold mining industry


Made locally in Camas, Washington

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