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Roaring Camp

The Gold Saver Pan

The Gold Saver Pan

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Exclusive Pan of Roaring Camp

The Gold Saver Pan is made of an engineered thermoplastic. It has a Gold Saver pocket with back cut riffles which will increase many times the amount of gravel you pan and the amount of gold you save. Designed by Gold Miners for both the professional and amateur prospectors. We use high impact thermoplastic because it provides the best combined balance of toughness, rigidity and stability. It is far lighter than metal. It will not bend out of shape and will not rust. The design of the Gold Saver pan and the thermoplastic used to manufacture makes it the finest gold pan made. Choose from Green or Burgundy.


comes in 2 colors

12.5 inch diameter

2 riffles with  Gold Saver Pocket

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